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Recordings: Programmes in London, UK

1. A Short Talk In English
Date: Thursday 5th April

Listen here: Struggling in Deen and Dunya: Ikhlas

Venue: Plashet Grove Masjid, 175-179 Plashet Grove, Eastham, E6 1BX

2- Jummah Bayan
Date: Friday 6th April

Listen here: Jumm’ah Talk

Venue: Quwwat ul Islam masjid, 62-66 Upton Lane, E7 9LN

3- A Spiritually Uplifting Talk for women
Date: Sunday 8th April

Listen here: Communicating with Qur’an

Venue: Quwwat ul Islam masjid, Chaucer Rd Entrance, E7 9NB

Annual Winter Course 2016-17

Recorded slideshows for previous offerings are now available here.


Latest Audio

Recorded Title (Click to Play, Right-Click to Download) Categories Length
08-04-2018 Communicating with Qur’an [English] Interacting with Qur'an 69' 53"
06-04-2018 Jumm’ah Talk Short Talks 30' 11"
05-04-2018 Struggling in Deen & Dunya: Ikhlās Short Talks 27' 44"
02-04-2018 Fikr for Death and Akhirah, Sabr and Shukr General Talks 40' 20"
01-04-2018 Having Sabr in Difficult Times General Talks 77' 08"

Recently Uploaded

Title (Click to Play, Right-Click to Download) Categories Length
Different Types of Shukr Urdu Talks 79' 08"
Taqwa: The Core of Deen and Dhikr [Majlis] General Talks 74' 17"
Yearning for Our Rabb Urdu Talks 55' 40"
Developing Understanding of Fiqh and Seerah Urdu Talks 65' 03"
True Path of Freedom: Following the Deen of Allah SWT Short Talks 13' 10"