Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed delivers talks in both English & Urdu on a regular basis. Many of these talks are available for online listening and download avaiable freely at and some selected ones have been  published on CD titles

Production #2: 5 Single Talk Titles + 2 workshop CDs

“The Awe-Inspiring Majesty of Allah (swt)”

Single CD Set

Traditional Islamic scholars have classified the attributes of Allah into two categories: those reflecting Allah swt’s Jamaal (beauty) and those reflecting His Jalaal (might and majesty). Often we focus only on His Jamali attributes of Allah whilst ignoring His Jalali attributes. This talk describes in detail how we, as believers, need to rekindle not only hope in Allah which His Attributes of Jamaal instill, but also fear of Allah (swt) which is necessary to humble us before His Jalaal. It reminds us of Allah’s (swt) complete Predominance over all our matters. That is why in Qur’an, Allah (swt) has Used different words to depict the feeling of believers who truly embody His fear such as khauf, khashiyyah, and taqwa. This is a fear borne out of love, out of a desire to not disappoint the Beloved and is therefore meant to be a motivational force in our deen.

“Ten Ways of Being Forgiven by Allah (swt)”

Single CD Set

Our reality is that we are the sinful and sinning slaves of Allah (swt) the Exhalted. However, as often as we sin, it is difficult for us to find ways to get ourselves forgiven. This talk details on ten ways of forgiveness mentioned by Imam Ibn Taymiyyah on his work “Al-Imam Al-Ausat.” Actively seeking repentance (taubah) is but one of these means; Allah (swt) has Created other things within the Deen itself that are meant to absolve a believer. Acts of piety, du’a for oneself and for others, even the tests of this world and the dreaded trials of the Hereafter, are each powerful enough to attain forgiveness. And it seems that ultimately, if all else fails, the infinite and overwhelming Mercy and Grace of Allah (swt) is the anchor for the fallen believer.

“Leaving Sin”

Single CD Set

Allah (swt) the Exhalted Says in the Qur’an:

“You should leave all the sins that you commit outwardly, and the ones that you do inwardly.” (6:120)

This ayah can also be loosely translated as: leave every single act of displeasure of Allah (swt), leave every last drop of sin, whether that is external, or the faintest sinful emotion and desire. Although it is human to err, we learn from Sayyidina Adam’s narrative that it is even more human to wipe away that error. This can only happen when a believer realizes the danger / gravity / stench / price / cost of sin. This talk discusses the anatomy of a sin and how to let go of it; it is enough for Allah (swt) that we try in the smallest way but with the fullest extent of our heart. This Deen was revealed by Allah (swt) to spiritually uplift humanity and to extract them from the darkness of their sins.

“Being Capable or Being Accepted by Allah (swt)”

Single CD Set

Azazil worshiped Allah (swt) devotedly for hundreds of years and earned himself the title of Tawas al-Malaika, the companion of the Angels. Yet a single act of persistent disobedience cast him outstand of Allah’s (swt) Mercy for all of Eternity. Thus the Qur’an testifies that being capable and accomplished (qabil) does not guarantee that a person is accepted (maqbul) in the Eyes of Allah (swt) as well. In this talk, the stories of the past people, such as Sayyidina Ibrahim and Sayydah Maryam are recounted to motivate the listener to aspire to qubuliyyah, while the stories of Iblis and Firawn are told to take a lesson from their lack of qubuliyyah. Indeed, having a constant worry of qubuliyyah by Allah (swt) should be an inseparable attribute of all the believers and has been a marked characteristic of the Blessed Prophets and the friends of Allah (swt) (Auliya).

“Addictions and Afflictions of Youth”

Single CD Set


“In one sentence we have captured the reality of our youth: our youth is pretty much laziness and desires.”

Most young men and women find their deeds and their time being sucked away in the quicksand of desires and procrastination; whether it is smoking, music, visual media or simply the addiction of “doing nothing”! This talk addresses these pressing issues in light of teachings of our Deen and helps young members of the Muslim ummah de-activate their previous addictions and re-activate the connection with Allah (swt). Make this connection your final addiction, to last you through the grave, the Date of Judgment and all of Eternity.

Workshop: Understanding Tasawwuf

Seven CD Set

“Understanding Tasawwuf” is a comprehensive audio workshop introducing the tradition of tasawwuf – referred to as “tazkiyah” in the Qur’an and as “ihsan” in the SUnnah. Tasawwuf is that branch of Islamic knowledge which guides a believer along the path of inner purification and disciplining the soul, enabling a believer to become a true servant of Allah the Exhalted through tawbah, ibadah, and adherence to the Sunnah and Shari’ah. Beginning with its origins in the Qur’an and Sunnah, this workshop traces the formal development of tazkiyah and tasawwuf over time, and thus provides an overview of this tradition as practiced by pious Muslims from the earliest generations till this day. At the fore of the discussion are the hallmark features of tasawwuf , such as tariqah (the path), bay’ah (the pledge), shaykh (the guide) and different types of dhikr. Moreover, many of the popular misconceptions regarding this tradition are addressed, marking a clear distinction between Islamic and “un-Islamic” spirituality.

Workshop: Bidah & Sunnah

Three CD Set

Our Beloved Messenger, salalahoalayhewasalam, said:

“Beware of matters newly begun, for every newly begin is a bid’ah, every bid’ah is a misguidance, and every misguidance is in Hell.” (Sahih Muslim)

What is “bid’ah” and what is the meaning of this hadith? Is everything new in the Deen a blameworthy innovation by default and thereby opposed to the Sunnah? How do we know whether an act is truly a reprehensible bid’ah or not? This comprehensive audio workshop seeks to clarify the concepts of bid’ah and Sunnah within the Islamic Tradition by looking at various voluntary acts of workship of the Companions, may Allah swt be pleased with them, performed both during and after the life of the Blessed Messenger, salalhoalayhewasalam. Moreover, it engages authentic texts by classical scholars in order to show commonly established understanding of bid’ah throughout the Islamic scholarly tradition. Insightful answers are given to the questions above as well as other relate issues, including social practices popular amongst the masses today, such as commemorating the 12th Rabi al-Awwal and marking the 15th of Sha’ban as a night of worship.


Production #1: 8 Single CD Titles

“Virtue of Acquiring Ilm in Islam”

Single CD Set

The Blessed Prophet said, “al-ilmu Nur.” [Knowledge is Light] The Muslims of today have been orphaned from their intellectual tradtion due to the secular education system, as well as their own indifference to learning the Deen. This talk emphasises reviving our desire of the Deen of Islam though attaining true Ilm (knowledge) of it.

“Blessings of the Rememberance of Allah”

Single CD Set

There is only one thing that people in this world agree upon: that there is a lack of peace and serenity in our lives today, whether at a global level or at an individual level. What is it that causes this lack of peace?

Allah the Exalted Addresses the believers in the Q’uran: “O you who believe, remember Me abundantly.” He Himself and His Angels Send His Barakat and Salawat and His Mercy upon us. How is it that we do not feel it? What are the ways to bring barakah back into our lives? Listen to “Blessings of Remembrance of Allah” and tap into our veiled potential of being a true Mu’min, who is pleased with his Lord and whom his Lord is Pleased with him.

“Listening to Good Counsel”

Single CD Set

A conscious attempt to absorb Nasihah is one of the ways of becoming a person who acts and strives to please Allah. It is important to open our hearts to outward advice as well as to be sincere in introspection. Our life is a loan. This talk emphasises the importance of optimising our time in this world in order to maximise every moment of our time.

“Love For Allah”

Single CD Set

Allah (swt) says in the Glorious Qur’an: “Those who believe are intense in their love for Allah [the Exhalted].” How blinded are we to the love and friendship that we are to have with Allah? Open up the eyes of your heart to the True Beloved and taste a drop from the ocean of His Love.

“Our Identity”

Single CD Set

This talk was delivered to groups of university students. Constantly bombarded with images of pseudo-ideals, the Muslim Youth of today is undergoing an identity crisis. Listen to this talk and discover our true identity as “abd’ and ‘faqeer’ – a needy servant of Allah (swt) and as an ‘ummati’ of our Beloved Prophet.

“Our Kind and Merciful Rabb”

Single CD Set

This talk is about one very special name of Allah the Exhalted: Rabb. This talk opens up the different meanings of this particular Name of Allah and guides us to develop a close relationship with a Lord who Chose to Name Himself Rabb. It inspires us to re-learn and re-live our true nature of being the slaves of our Kind and Merciful Rabb.

“Preparing for Ramadan”

Single CD Set

Ramadan is not just thirty days of worshipping Allah the Exalted. It’s an opportunity to reform ourselves for the entire year. It’s a leap with no turning back. Listen to this talk and draw maximum benefit out of this sacred month by developing a lasting connection with our Lord.


Single CD Set

It is said that one should gauge one’s intentions a thousand times a day. The purity and sincerity in our intentions will make them more worthwhile in Allah’s Eyes. Learn about the power of Intention in this enlightening talk on Ikhlas.

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