Alhamdulillah, Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed spent the last 10 days of Ramadan in South Africa. All the talks from this trip are now available.


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Main Talks
21st Ramadan Blessings of Ramadhan
21st Ramadan Attaining Certainty
22nd Ramadan The 10 Steps to Qurb
22nd Ramadan The Majesty of Allah
23rd Ramadan Dua – The Essence of Worship (Urdu)
24th Ramadan Qur’an – Transformer of Hearts
25th Ramadan The Necessity of Dhikr
26th Ramadan The Reality of Dunya
27th Ramadan From Earth to Insaan
27th Ramadan Allah’s Infinite Mercy
28th Ramadan Becoming Malleable
28th Ramadan Da’wah
29th Ramadan Love for Allah (SWT)
Majalis – Explaining Tasawwuf
21st Ramadan Signs of the Awliyah
22nd Ramadan Attaining Wilayah
23rd Ramadan On Wuquf-e-Qalbi and Muraqabah
24th Ramadan On Muraqabah
25th Ramadan Muraqabah in Depth – Tasfiya & Tazkiyah
26th Ramadan Muraqabah in Depth – Tadhakkur & Tabattul
27th Ramadan On the Ruh and its Parts
28th Ramadan Youth Programme
29th Ramadan Majlis & Q&A
30th Ramadan Closing Dua
The 77 Branches of Faith – Imam al-Bayhaqi
21st Ramadan Faith in Allah (SWT)
22nd Ramadan Faith in the Messengers
23rd Ramadan Faith in the Angels and in Revelation
24th Ramadan Faith in the Last Day and Resurrection After Death
25th Ramadan Faith in the Resurrection After Death and the Gathering of Mankind
26th Ramadan Faith in the Final Abode
27th Ramadan Faith in the Obligations – Love
28th Ramadan Faith in the Obligations – Fear
29th Ramadan Faith in the Obligations – Hope
After Dhuhr — Lectures
20th Ramadan Ramadan: Changer of Hearts
21st Ramadan The nisbat of I’tikaf & The unfolding of Laylatul Qadr
23rd Ramadan Earnestly making suhoor & Rememberance in ease
24th Ramadan Patching up our imaan & Being living mu’mineen
25th Ramadan The danger of being deprived & Saving ourselves from reacting
26th Ramadan The value of enigma & Gathering for love
27th Ramadan Sabr and salah
28th Ramadan The devastation of missing salah; History, revelation and feeling
After ‘Asr — Majlis
20th Ramadan Legal Rulings (ahkam) and Spiritual Etiquette (adab) of I’tikaf
22nd Ramadan The way of the siddiqeen — Introduction and the first 3 points
23rd Ramadan The way of the siddiqeen — Guarding our wudhu; Feeling the sunnah duas
24th Ramadan The way of the siddiqeen — Striving for sunnah
25th Ramadan The way of the siddiqeen — Branding ourselves with the sunnah; Attaining shukr
26th Ramadan The way of the siddiqeen — The reality of sabr and the canopy of the night
27th Ramadan The way of the siddiqeen — Accepting Allah’s invitation: Our need for tahajjud
29th Ramadan The way of the siddiqeen — Points 10-17
Women’s Talks
21st Ramadan 21st Ramadan – Women’s Talk
22nd Ramadan 22nd Ramadan – Women’s Talk
23rd Ramadan 23rd Ramadan – Women’s Talk
24th Ramadan 24th Ramadan – Women’s Talk
25th Ramadan 25th Ramadan – Women’s Talk
26th Ramadan 26th Ramadan – Women’s Talk
28th Ramadan Towards Marital Bliss – I
29th Ramadan Towards Marital Bliss – II

Talks from South Africa Itekaf

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